Wholesome TV Dads Who Turned Out To Be Pervs In Real Life

Many sitcom dads are the guiding moral voices of their TV families and, to a wider extent, America. Admit it: you’ve learned more than a few life lessons from watching Full House and 7th Heaven. We’ve grown up with families like the Huxtables and the Camdens and lived through all the touching and heartfelt moments guided by their wholesome patriarchs. Unfortunately, sometimes a moment is a little too touching, as in someone is literally touching the children. This was the case with Stephen Collins, one of the many TV actors who are sex criminals.

Nobody wants to find out the patriarch of their favorite family show is a mega-perv or one of the few TV dads who are criminals. We don’t want to know Tim Allen was a drug dealer who served time or that Louis CK’s has a reputation tarnished with a litany of sexual harassment claims. From Bill Cosby, who was accused of assaulting nearly 40 women, to Jared Fogle, the sandwich spokesperson who had a child porn habit, there are a shocking number of wholesome TV dads who turned out to be pervs.

These TV dads are the biggest closeted super-freaks of television – from sexual predator father-figures and raunchy sexcapades to damning rumors and X-rated comedy.

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