Orange County, With Its Haunting s And History, Is A Paranormal Hub

At the end of the investigation of the historic home, a scream was heard.Walking through the Octagon House — one of the historic buildings at Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles — Irvine resident Ashley Hansen fumbled through pitch-black rooms until she found the source of the noise: a woman she’d spoken to earlier in the night who was a skeptic when it came to all things paranormal.Like something out of a horror film, the woman stood ramrod straight, plastered to the wall, not blinking, according to Hansen as she relayed the story. She asked the woman if she was OK.”She’s like, ‘I like this house. I just want everyone to leave my house,’ ” recalled Hansen, who suggested that the woman seemed to be channeling a spirit.No stranger to the paranormal — Hansen and her dad have been amateur ghost hunters for 10 years — even she was a little creeped out, she said.

Source: Orange County, with its hauntings and history, is a paranormal hub – Weekend

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