Occult Forum Debate – Did Missing Brazilian Student Pull Off The Perfect Hoax?

Brazilian student Bruno Borges went missing on March 27th, 2017. His disappearance confused many people, including local law enforcement authorities. According to Borges, he was working on a very secret project that would change the world in a good way. His cousin invested $6500 in the project, which allowed Borges to complete 14 coded books and turn his room into a “temple” full of coded texts with references to the Bible, demonology, alchemy and even Leonardo da Vinci. He even placed an occult themed statue of Giordano Bruno in his room, which is worth several thousand dollars. This left the most significant clue about Borges secret project since Giordano Bruno was a 16th century theorist, who joined esoteric knowledge from the Kabbalah, Egyptian magic and even theories on the cosmos and extra-terrestrial life.

Borges left a painting depicting him with an alien, sparking many debates on UFO and occult forums, which suggested extraterrestrial beings were influencing him and in the end even abducted him. Others argued that he reached a spiritual level, which allowed him to enter another dimension.

Recent developments suggest that things might be more down-to-earth. His parents went on a trip for one month, which would explain why Borges was able to keep this elaborate project secret. However, his friends and sister seem to have been around, which should have made it extremely difficult for Borges to smuggle the huge occult themed statue into his room. The walls he used to draw occult symbols on also seem too large for him to have carried on his own. His sister admitted that she knew about the secret project, but she didn’t know details because he kept his door locked.

However, this doesn’t explain how he got so many objects into his room unnoticed or how he was able to remove all of his furniture without anyone’s help. His parents didn’t seem too concerned about his secrecy or even about his disappearance. His sister stated that she believed he was OK, and that his disappearance had something to do with his plan to publish his books. This is the first clue that he might have planned his disappearance.

On June 6th, 2017 information started surfacing that investigators believe that Borges disappearance was a marketing stunt to sell his esoteric books. Investigators’ found a book contract in the house of one of his friends, which guaranteed a certain percentage of the sales to two friends and one of his cousins. Investigators also confirmed that there is evidence that his friends helped him move the furniture out of his room, while his parents were gone for their vacation. Furniture was later found in the house of one of his friends.

Apparently he visited a notary a few days before he vanished. Even so, the mystery of this case isn’t solved just yet. Even if he planned this as a hoax, there is the possibility that something happened that is beyond his control. Things may not have gone down the way he had hoped. Only a few pages of his 14 coded books have been translated.

After several months he is still “missing” and it doesn’t seem like he is profiting from this elaborate “secret project”. You’d think that after a few months a person might become sick of hiding for a hoax. So perhaps it’s not a complete hoax after all, or his hoax failed and turned into something far more bizarre than perhaps even Borges could contemplate.

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