Man Get Prison Time for Filming and Uploading CP to the Darknet

The Périgueux Criminal Court, in early January, sentenced a 31-year-old pedophile for sexual assault against four children and distributing child pornography on the darknet. The court followed the prosecution’s request and handed down a prison sentence of 10 years. Not only did he abuse several children, he also uploaded videos of the abuse to child pornography forums on the darknet and downloaded child pornography uploaded by other members of forums like PlayPen and Elysium.

Between 2006 and 2016, the prosecution told the court on a January 9 court appearance, the defendant abused four girls on several occasions. Some of the girls, at the time of the assaults, had only been living for four years. The oldest child he abused was only 12 years old. The court heard how the 31-year-old committed these acts in the Haute-Garonne, Bergerac and Périgueux regions of France. However, although the court sessions revealed nothing about the darknet investigation that led to the man’s arrest, they provided an example of the man’s activity. As usual in these cases, the darknet-related charges hardly differed from any other pedophile that authorities caught in recent investigations into darknet forums and bulletin boards.

The prosecution asked the court to impose the maximum punishment possible for the crimes the 31-year-old committed. This request, apart from coming from the prosecution that inherently aims to clear cases, stemmed from the severity of the crimes committed and the threat he posed to his victims and potential victims in the future. A short prison sentence would not keep him away from society long enough to matter, the prosecution argued. The prosecutor of the republic, Anne-Claire Galois, asked for not only the maximum sentence, but also conditions post release.

She asked the court to impose maximum court supervision sentences, court ordered treatment, electronic monitoring services, bans on interacting with children, and bans on visiting places frequented by children. And of course a lifetime listing on the sex offender registry. And the court, based on the severity of the man’s crimes, granted the prosecutor her every request.

The court found the man guilty of every charge placed against him. The child pornography distribution charges and the child abuse and molestation charges. And, in addition to handing down the maximum possible sentence for the crimes at hand, the court handed down the maximum court supervision term for his crimes—20 years. Two of those years will be spent with a government ankle monitor—also the maximum amount of time possible. The court ordered him to enter treatment of some sort once he left prison. The court forbade him from having any contact with children. And similarly from going anywhere intended for children. He will also need to stay in the Dordogne region for the duration of his sentence.

by: C. Aliens

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