How to Create a Paranormal Activity Journal If You Believe Your House Is Haunted

If you believe that your house is haunted, it is important that you learn how to create a paranormal activity log. Throughout history, many individuals have dealt with unusual phenomenon in their homes. Unfortunately, most cases were kept within the family or only shared with a few close relatives or friends. Believing in ghosts was once a taboo subject. Many did not share their experiences because they feared possible ridicule and even suspicion of mental illness. Today, however, many media types such as the Ghost Hunters TV show and similar shows encourage individuals that believe their house is haunted to step forward. If unusual phenomenon is occurring in the home, it is advised that you allow ghost investigators to perform a ghost study. In order to get the best results, it is important that you learn how to create a paranormal activity journal.

A paranormal journal is very beneficial to a ghost investigator. When a house is believed to be haunted, it typically indicates that several different types of occurrences have happened to more than one individual throughout the home. Those that investigate such homes require detailed documentation covering such situations so that they may gain a little perspective on what it is that they are dealing with. Unfortunately, eye witness accounts sometimes lose their integrity over time because details are forgotten and other experiences result in a combination of thoughts. When creating a paranormal journal, you should take as many details as possible down about the unusual situation that occurred in the home and also have the person that experienced the situation to write in their own words what happened immediately. Once you receive their written account, place it in the journal and date it.

When creating a paranormal journal for ghost investigators, it is important to ensure that you always document dates and times associated with any event that you believe to be related to the paranormal. Many investigators will often research the actual history of the home or structure that they are investigating in order to determine any significant events that could have happened in or around that particular building. In many instances, certain dates and times could actually be quite significant. This is especially true if the individual experiencing the unusual events was subjected to a residual haunting. By pinpointing exact times and dates, the ghost hunting team that investigates your home may be able to provide you with sound information on why the haunting is happening.

If you are creating a paranormal journal because you feel that your house is haunted, it is important to document as many details as possible. You should ensure that you report the weather conditions occurring when the situation developed in the home, any type of conversation or heightened state of emotion happening at the time, and if any visitors were at the home. Details are extremely important when it comes to paranormal activity. By taking the time to complete a journal on the experiences that you have, the paranormal investigators researching your home may be able to either debunk or validate paranormal activity. If validated, they may be able to provide you with answers on why you are experiencing a haunted house.

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