Real Spells and Magic Do Exist

Curse Thy Enemy Spell

The question on the existence of real spells and magic is always a hotly-debated topic. To this, the answer is a resounding yes. Magic is known to have been practiced since time immemorial. To distinguish real magic from the magical sleight of hand tricks seen on stage, it is often spelled as magic.

According to quantum physics, everything in this world is made up of energy and that all forms of energy are connected. For modern science, this is a relatively new discovery. However, this fact has been a well-guarded secret since the beginning of recorded history. Magic and real spells evolved into different forms, with various cultures practicing them developing their own like voodoo, witchcraft, occultism and shamanistic magic.

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The CERN Witch Has Risen

This Halloween, meet CERN’s very own WITCH – an experiment at ISOLDE, the laboratory’s nuclear facility. The 31 October conjures up images of pumpkins, ghouls and the iconic witch –complete with pointy hat and black cat. CERN’s WITCH (the Weak Interaction Trap for Charged Particles) experiment may not have the cat, but it does have its own particle-track broomstick.