Evil Curses & Spells

Burn_in_hell_by_hash_gBurn In Hell Curse
This curse shall insure your enemy hath been cursed to when they die burn in hell
You will need the following items for this curse:
a mirror another person that hates the same person a black candle matches.
strike the match lit (light the match) set the candle wick enfalmed (light the candle) chant these words (you and your friend) Thou who hath shunned me, thou who hath pained me may your soul burn to firey flames and ash _______ i here by banish you to the flames of hell forever will you loose hope and love. (you should both feel enraging power)


Curse Of The Black SpiderCurse Of The Black Spider
this curse causes mischief to befall another.
You will need the following items for this curse:
black clothe 12in.x12in.x12in.x12in.
dead fly or some other loathsome insect.
all the cobwebs that you can muster up.
parchment paper large enough to pout a paragraph into it.
black string now gather all the things you need for the curse and go to your sacred space. write on the parchment paper the following:

To:(name of person that had ill intent to you)
North, South, East, West
spider’s web shall bind him best
east, west, north, south
trap his limbs and bond his mouth
seal his eyes and choke his breath
and make him fear he’s bound for death.

now take the parchment forthwith and fold it four times than wrap it together with the dead insect and the cobwebs in the black cloth. make them in to a small black pouch that is bonded by the black string. hang the pouch up on your sailing and do not disturb for a long time until it has a thick cote of dust on it. now berry it in the ground were it well never be disturbed. and the curse is now compete.

girl with a broken leg

Bone Breaking Curse
You will need the following items for this curse:
Piece of Paper

Write the person’s name on the piece of paper and then roll it into a ball.
Start stabbing it with a pen and think about how much you hate them.
May take up to a month to work.





Curse Of Pain RitualCurse Of Pain
Make your enemies feel your pain three fold.
You will need the following items for this curse:
A Picture
A Clear Visual Image
Something to Represent Your Enemy
One Black Candle
One Red Candle
One White Candle

When the sun is gone, and night is about preform this curse.
Place the red candle in front of you, the black on to the left of you, and the white one on the right of you.. Place the object that represents your enemy in the middle.
Light the Candles while chanting:

“My Enemy shall feel my every pain.” at each candle before you light it.
When the candles are lit, begin to think of negative energy flowing into your enemy.
Image his very soul engulfs in black negative energy. Finally, image that all that energy finds rest on the outside of his skin. Pick up the picture and run it through each candle slowly while chanting:
“I bind you [INSERT NAME] to feel my every pain. Feel the pain of [VERY BAD MEMORY], feel it times three! So mote it be!”
Finally, take the rest of the picture and let it burn over the red candle until the ashes fall into the candle’s wax.
Blow out the red, black, and then white candles.
You’re victim can have any type of pain, from family loss, going in debt, or a bunch of other possibilities.
Don’t forget to say thank you to your divine god/goddess!


Bad Day CurseUse this to cast misfortune over somebody for a day.
Go to the person. Whisper, but not that they can hear,
“Misfortune all day, Misfortune all night. Bring bad luck to [person’s name], but only for a mite. Mote it be.”
The person affected will probably have bad luck for the rest of the day.



Curse Of Seven Reveng SpellCurse Of Seven Revenge Spell
A spell to break someone down emotionally.
You will need the following items for this curse:
Two black candles
Black pen
Black Termlion

1) Purify area with sage
2) Write victims name on paper and place in between black candles
3) With the chalk, draw an upside down pentacle with upside down crosses on each corner,

make sure it’s around candles and paper.
4) Put the black termlion on the paper
5) Call the watch towers/quaters
6) Close your eyes and imagine the victims life being torn apart.
7) Chant:
“(victims name) you’ve brought me pain, now it’s time I made you go insane.
Seven things will be taken away from you, and all your nightmares will come true.
One, you’ll be caught on all the wrong you do.
Two, you’ll come down with the worst flu.
Three, everyone shall lose trust in you.
Four, a close family member shall pass.
Five, a bone will be broken.
Six, you’ll lose the girl/guy you love.
Seven, no one will ever love you. I reverse my pain to go

to you, so no one is ever good or true to you. So mote it be.”

Curse Of Three


Curse three of your enemies at once

You will need the following items for this curse:
Strong will
three enemies
For stronger curse
x2 black candles

Sit down and burn one candle in front of you, the other behind you.(if you’re using candles, if not, just sit.)

Now concentrate and clear your mind of everything but the curse.

“(chant targets’ names, each three times)
You hurt me, I hurt you
As you see, as I see
Be a thee,
three by three,
mote it be.”


Curse Thy Enemy SpellCurse Thy Enemy
You will need the following items for this curse:
Your voice
And a strong will to harm someone or defend yourself.

This curse must be cast between 10:00 and 3:00 or the effects will not work as well…

Chant the following words:
Oh by the power of the moon I cast a curse on (insert enemies(s) name(s))
You will be harmed by the power of Evansance high Priestess of the moon to (insert way you

would like to harm them). So mote it be!
The curse will work in up to 2 days if cast at midnight will work in a day or so at the least.


Curse Touch Spell

This is a curse mark spell it takes energy from the person when they have the curse on

put your hands close together as if you were holdig water in your hands. put energy in your palms then say “Tanka Yassen Templa” it will make an invisible energy curse ball, grab it with one hand then thrust it at someone. Just hit the person with your palm on the hand were you put the curse in, make sure you hit them were you want the curse to be in, it will take time for the curse mark to take affect, just give it about two weeks or so. Wait and watch.


Fear CurseThis curse will make someone fear you.

You will need the following items for this curse:
Drawn/photographed pic of victim
A match
Sticks, Access to outside
Set up your area at bed. Say this spell 3 times before going to bed for a week:
Oh -name of person-
Me being -your name-
From now on will make you shiver.
Shake, tremble, hurt, suffer and quiver.
When you hear my name or see me,
A what of fright sweeps over you
And you slink into the shadows
Until I haunt you again

On the last of the week, outside with your sticks and match, burn the photo of your victim. Do NOT use oak wood, however, for it resembles luck, greatness and overall goodness. A good (but not limited to) wood is Sassafras wood, for it resembles hatred and badness.


Quick Revenge SpellSimple revenge curse that will cause the enemy misfortune and a little pain, but will not kill them.

You will need the following items for this spell:
Enemy’s first and last name
Find a quite, empty room, then chant the following twice:

Goddess Hecate hear my cry,
Harm (Enemy’s name) thou he/she shall not die
This is my will, and (enemy’s name) shall fall!

Possible Side Affects:
Want to laugh like a lunatic

Wart CurseEver wanted to make warts appear on your enemy’s face? Read this and you will be able to.

You will need the following items for this curse:
Frog Slime
A Big Mixing Bowl
Something to Cover The Top of the Mixture While it’s in the Microwave
Giant Spoon
Great Acting Skills
Stove, Pot with Water, Freezer
Get alot of frog slime and put it in a huge mixing bowl
Mix the slime as you add the dirt, mud, and mucus
Put in microwave and cover up bowl
Set on high 3 minutes
While that heats up, boil some water at your stove for the time your microwave is doing
Once done, carefully take out the mixing bowl and pour the water into the “potion”
As you mix, say these words:
“You think that I am ugly/you always gotta hate/but tonight the tides will turn on you/for bein’ so denyin/this revenge shall bring/warts instead of bling.”
Put the mixture in a little container of foundation and give to your victim as a “gift”


Mind Binding Love CurseA potent, powerful and satisfying love curse to obtain love from someone who you like.
Warning it is not advised to complete this curse without a circle of protection, you can find how to on the web.
You will need the following items for this curse:

A picture of the person, 4 white candles to represent North, South, East and West, a sweet smelling incent, a pink candle, rose petals, ground cinnamon, olive oil and a quartz of the color pink, and a pink colored pen or marker.

On the night when the moon is its fullest, go outside and gather some rose petals, bring them in-side your house, and wash the petals thoroughly under cold running water. Then start a hot bath, put the rose petals in the tub, get in, and while you are relaxing, focus on the person whom you want to obtain love from.
After you get out, dress in all pink or red if possible and gather the supplies listed if you haven’t already.
Now spend at least One hour in meditation to keep your thoughts from scattering.
Now gather a handful of cinnamon and visualize you are drawing up energy from the earth and infusing the cinnamon with the earths energy. While doing this, chant
“Cinnamon mighty herb of lust,
I call upon you, into you I put my trust,
To bring (First name Last name) to me now
Love and lust is your vow.”
Say as many times as you need.
Now set the cinnamon aside, and anoint the pink candle with the olive oil. Put one hand on the top of the candle and the other at the base, and in a circular motion, move inwards, while doing so visualize yourself and “The victim to be” doing what you wish while chanting,
“(First and Last name) coming to me now.”
After the candle is saturated in the olive oil, roll the candle in the cinnamon, and place the candle on your altar.

Cast circle, call quarters, light incense, and call the Goddess and God into the circle.
Then, with the pink writing utensil take the photo, and write your name and the desired person’s name on the back of the picture, and draw a heart abound the 2 names. Close  your eyes, and visualize you and the victim to be doing what you wish and chant.
“(first name, Last name) come to me, fulfill my desire successfully, love and lust between you and I, love is what I seek from you, the limit is the sky,
So mote it be!”

Kiss the photo 3 times and set it aside, then take the pink quartz and press it firmly between your brow (Where your third eye is) and start you and your lover to be doing what you wish while you chant as fast as you can
“(First name, Last name) I beg of you come to me, as I will,
Chant this as fast as you can until you feel the quartz starting to pulse. Then kiss the pink quartz 3 times.
Dismiss the Gods, release the quarters, take down circle. Place the photo of the desired person in your pillowcase, and let the pink quarts be exposed to the light of the full moon for the rest of the night (THIS IS A MUST!)
On the next day, give the pink quartz to the person whom you love.
Now if you don’t want to give away your pink quartz, keep it on you for the next 3 weeks.
And your curse will come true…


Curse Of LoveCurse Of Love (Simple)
This curse is intended to take someone else’s luck away for a certain period of time, and convert it to love for you. NOTE: If you decide to use this spell, be sure that you have a good reason.

You will need the following items for this curse:
strong voice
clear conscience
good-natured heart
two people

Close your eyes, standing back-to-back with the person you’re casting this spell with, and focus on the person you intend to cast this spell at. Invision their face and the color of their personality and intensions. Chant this spell in sync with the other person:

Luck from one,
Onto two,
Then divide.

Don’t take offense,
It’s already done.
It won’t last long,
Though it’s just begun.

Soon yours will lessen,
And ours will rise,
But in the end,
It will compromise.

Turn luck to love,
Until he/she learns.
As a selfless being,
His/her luck shall return.

By the power of the(whatever element you favor most), let it be so!!!

In a couple of days, the curse should take action.



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