Sounds From a Lost Cemetery


While growing up, as a teenager it was not unusual to hide in the local cemetery and await the passage of some innocent person heading to the store or somewhere else in the early evening darkened hours. I still to this day remember the creepy thrill of jumping out from behind to tombstone and scaring the unsuspecting individual. To a young teen in those days this was a means of entertainment that actually hurt no one. However, as I grew older the cemeteries became places of potential fear.

I was in the United States Air Force and stationed in Nebraska while in the service. A friend and his wife lived away from the base and to get to their home we would need to travel a long house-less road. After traveling several miles on this road one would come upon a deserted cemetery out in the middle of nowhere. There were no churches near it, no houses to be found anywhere but just the cemetery alone.

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Real Spells and Magic Do Exist

Curse Thy Enemy Spell

The question on the existence of real spells and magic is always a hotly-debated topic. To this, the answer is a resounding yes. Magic is known to have been practiced since time immemorial. To distinguish real magic from the magical sleight of hand tricks seen on stage, it is often spelled as magic.

According to quantum physics, everything in this world is made up of energy and that all forms of energy are connected. For modern science, this is a relatively new discovery. However, this fact has been a well-guarded secret since the beginning of recorded history. Magic and real spells evolved into different forms, with various cultures practicing them developing their own like voodoo, witchcraft, occultism and shamanistic magic.

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Evil Demons, Devils & Imps from ‘The Infernal Dictionary’


Demonology is the systematic study of demons or beliefs about demons.[1] It is the branch of theology relating to supernatural beings who are not gods.[2] It deals both with benevolent beings that have no circle of worshippers or so limited a circle as to be below the rank of gods, and with malevolent beings of all kinds. The original sense of “demon”, from the time of Homer onward, was a benevolent being,[3] but in English the name now holds connotations of malevolence. (In order to keep the distinction, when referring to the word in its original Greek meaning English uses the spelling “Daemon” or “Daimon”.)

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Cursed “ghost ambulance” of Bandung brought to Jakarta, yet to drive itself back

Once upon a time in Bandung, West Java, an ambulance picked up an injured victim from a house on Jalan Bahureksa. Legend has it that the victim died in the ambulance. The death supposedly put an eternal curse on the vehicle, one that would cause the ambulance to always be found mysteriously back at the house of the deceased, despite attempts to move it.The ambulance has become a sort of mini tourist attraction in Bandung, to the point that it became rusted and run down while still parked on the front lawn of the now abandoned house.But recently, some ballsy antique car collectors challenged the myth and bought the ambulance. First, it was bought by somebody from Parung, Bogor, and has even more recently been bought by a resident of Kebayoran Baru in Jakarta.

Source: Cursed “ghost ambulance” of Bandung brought to Jakarta, yet to drive itself back | Coconuts Jakarta

Demon Summoning REAL Devils Game (Watch at Your Own Risk) – YouTube

Demon Summoning REAL Devils Game, as Tim attempts to play the devils game tonight. Watch at your own risk, the devils game is reported to be extremely dangerous and has known to summon the devil itself and lead to unpredictable outcomes. What will happen as Tim performs the devils game mirror ritual live tonight? Is it REAL? Tune in and find out!